"Martial arts and functional training is excellent for conditioning, competing, self-defence, confidence, stress-relief and social interaction. Something the whole family can benefit from!"


Martial arts, boxing, and kickboxing school We've hired some of the best instructors in the business to ensure that our members are getting the best 'schooling' when it comes to learning the latest in self-defense techniques. With proper instruction in the martial arts you can control the stress and tension in your life, take off excess weight and enjoy yourself while learning effective self-defence. Along with looking and feeling better, you will also gain self-confidence. Martial arts build and maintain muscle tone and keep the body perfectly conditioned.

It also improves balance and coordination, enhances flexibility, and strengthens endurance. Its insistence on mental alertness keeps a sound mind in a sound body. Martial arts are excellent for people of either sex and of all ages. It helps take off unwanted inches while toning the muscles through a fun and worthwhile learning experience. Similarly, kickboxing is yet another of the great self-defence classes offered at Fibers Club. You'll be amazed at how a kickboxing class can help make the daily pressures of life fade away. 

It'll provide you with a renewed sense of energy and will rejuvenate you so that you could cope with the frustrations around you. What's more, kickboxing is a great way to get your body into shape, because it combines cardio, self-defense, strength training and toning. Kickboxing also includes basic defense and attack techniques. 

Now if that doesn't help relieve your stress, nothing else will! Kickboxing is an excellent way to burn fat. In addition to keeping your body in shape, it helps improve your flexibility, speed and balance. Another major benefit of kickboxing is that its cardio workouts help strengthen your heart and lungs. Kickboxing teaches the basics of self-defense, which include both defense and attack techniques. Not only is this empowering, it also boosts your self-confidence. So whether you looking for a great way to improve your fitness levels or for a creative way to have fun. Whether you're depressed, stressed, or in serious need of energy or motivation. For all these, and more, the answer is definitely Fibers range of martial arts and kickboxing classes. So step out of the box and try these classes for a change. The experience will leave you revitalized, recharged, and revived!