"Whether you opt for a personal trainer or would simply like advice on which classes will work best to give you the results you are looking for, we’re here to help"

Group Exercise

Fibers Club offers a range of group exercise classes that cover all of your fitness needs. Strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility, balance and coordination are all components that are necessary for our overall health. Our classes are designed to ensure that participants are trained according to the latest exercise methods, with special focus on offering individual feedback when possible. Group Exercise is a fantastic addition to your individual training program. Every time you take a new class, you are introduced to a different perspective on how to exercise. This is a great compliment to your normal training routine. Additionally, research in health and fitness science suggests that varying the nature and intensity of your exercise routine is the best way to stay in shape, and improve your fitness levels; this is made possible with our Group Exercise Program.


Our Instructors

Our teams of Group Exercise Instructors are experts within their respective fields. We have instructors that specialise in Aerobics, Sports Conditioning, Spinning, Yoga, Pilates, Suspension Training, Functional Training, Dance, Martial Arts, Toning and Sculpting. Moreover, we have select instructors that are trained to offer classes for special populations such as Youth, Older Adults, and Professional Athletes. Whatever your individual requests are, we have experts that can tailor to those needs.


Passion, entertainment, and Sound Training Principles

At Fibers Club, we take pride in our facilities, but more importantly we believe that our team of expert Fitness Professionals is what separates us from most other health clubs in the region. Our programs are built around three simple concepts that bring our Group Exercise Program to life: passion, entertainment, and sound training principles.


Guest Workshops

In addition to our resident timetable of instructors, we also endeavour to bring our members international talent and new opportunities to for group exercise classes. Some of our previous guests have included Rennie Harris (USA), Puremovement Workshop 2012, Egypt’s Red Bull Breakdance Championship One event 2013; and Bea Villabol & Bru Vidal (Spain), from La Urban Dance Factory.