"We strive to keep consistency in the look and feel of all our clubs by maintaining the world-class facilities we offer, and an excellent standard of service"

Corporate social

Fibers is committed to providing ‘more’, whether it be for our members, our staff or for the surrounding community. It is part of our core principles to promote an inclusive society, through education, arts and sports; to donate to charity and to encourage the Fibers community to support charitable giving; and to ensure that Fibers plays an active part in helping the community towards fulfilling their basic needs in health, food and education. 
As we grow as a company, in-turn so does our participation and contribution to developing the society. If you would like to read more about our projects, please click on one of the icons below or if you have a suggestion as to how Fibers can increase its participation in the society, please message us on our

Giving Autism a Chance

In March 2013, Fibers embarked on a relationship with Egypt’s Autism Awareness society. The idea developed after Fibers showed a commitment to contribute monetarily to the celebration of World Autism Awareness Day in Egypt, but quickly evolved in to an initiative to provide something ‘more’ for Egypt’s autistic society and resulted in Fibers playing a much more active part in the awareness day celebrations. We became the first health institution in Egypt to work with children and young people affected by autism, through offering movement 

and coordination classes. Providing an activity that is highly recommended by health organisations and medical journals, the classes aim to improve the participants coordination, concentration, fitness, social awareness and communication skills. There are several classes a week offered in both group classes and private sessions when requested. To ensure a sustainable project, we absorb the costs for the teaching and equipment and we open the classes up any individuals to the age of 16 years.


Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation

In March 2013 Fibers pledged to support through donations to the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation for sustainability and development. The Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation providing free world-class medical services to the less privileged in Egypt and throughout the region in the field of cardiovascular diseases. Fibers helps towards their commitment to build and maintain a state of the art medical facility in Aswan in order to provide said medical services as well as advanced, distinguished training for personnel and a wide variety of research opportunities.


Fibers as a Blood Donation Centre

In April 2013, Fibers partnered with The Triple Effect, an Egyptian charity, endorsed by the World Health organization (WHO), aimed at addressing the blood deficit issue in Egypt through a sustainable integrated solution to recruit and retain voluntary non-remunerated blood donors and ensure the supply of safe blood to those who need them the most. Through this partnership, Fibers are creating the opportunity for our members, staff and the surrounding community to donate blood in a safe and secure environment. This is an initiative that Fibers has and will continue to carry out at all Fibers Clubs.


GBI Egypt

Fibers has contributed both time and money to many charities but are specifically proud of being the main sponsors of GBI Egypt (Global Biking Initiative). GBI Egypt aims to make cycling a way of life by using bicycles as a means of transportation, and to help raise money for charity. Since Fibers started to support GBI in 2011, we have helped to support all of GBI’s initiatives including; supporting the below poverty line through "A Door to Life" project, in cooperation with "Alshanek Ya Balady”.