"Whether you opt for a personal trainer or would simply like advice on which classes will work best to give you the results you are looking for, we’re here to help"

Personal Training

Personal Training is all about taking you from where you are, to where you want to be. Fibers Clubs have a large fitness team with some of the best and most experienced Personal Trainers in the region. We are proud to say that our fitness team includes representatives from Egypt’s national teams, competing at regional and Olympic level, and boasts experts who have been in the business more than 25 years. 
Each of our trainers have different areas of expertise – whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, postural improvement, training for a sport or event – we have a trainer who can help.

Ensuring quality
Thanks to Fibers Training Institute we are able to ensure a standard of quality amongst all of our fitness staff, selecting only the very best for our team. Our fitness staff are regularly sent on workshops, seminars, and conventions both in-house and externally to further their training. Using internationally certified techniques and training, we want to ensure that we are delivering all of our members the latest techniques and ideas to bring about real results, in a safe and effective way.


Fitness and Nutrition

For the best results in any fitness goal, we recommend pairing a workout with a compatible diet. Our experts in our Nutrition Clinics can provide you with an effective diet that works with your personal training program. To find out more about our Nutrition services click here.

LOOK at the BENEFITS . . .
When you work out with a personal trainer you will stay keen and motivated. The key to achieving your goals is through effective training. Tailored programmers designed to meet your expectations and objectives whilst fitting around your personal commitments and lifestyle. Helps you to achieve maximum results in minimum time. Motivation to enjoy exercise through fun-packed training sessions. Understanding principles of exercise. Sustained fat loss and enhanced appearance leading to increased self-confidence.

Is personal training for you?
Do you want to lose weight?
Don’t have a lot of time to exercise?
Recover from injury?
Don’t know what exercises to do?
Improve your sporting performance?
Improve posture?
Be motivated?
Gain muscle?
Want to look good?
If any of these questions relate to you, then our team can help!  Ask at the front desk of your Fibers branch for full profiles on all of our trainers and find one to help you achieve your goals.

Transformation Challenge!

Every year we hold a transformation challenge, to reward our member who makes the most significant change in terms of fat loss. Thanks to a combined workout plan, personal training and nutrition consultations, our first year saw one of our members, Mr. Deya Sherif lose an incredible 10% of body fat, and gaining 3kg of muscle, enabling him to win the Fibers Transformation prize of a three day, all expenses paid trip to Beirut. Speak to your branch Front Desk to find out what the challenge is for this year.



Transformation: Mr. Deya Sherif
Lost 10% body fat with 3 months of Personal Training and Nutrition
Mr. Mohamed Abo El Ela
lost 6.3kg fat during Ramadan 2012



We believe that each and every Fibers’ member deserves the best in fitness facilities and equipment, so that whatever their fitness goal, we have the best tools to help them get there. It is part of our vision to create an effortless environment for our members, so that there is never the feeling of something missing, or having to wait for equipment, enabling our members to put all of their effort in to their workouts. We are proud to own the latest in cardio machines, fitness aids and equipments, read about some of the state-of-the-art facilities that help to make us unique.

In addition to our Group Exercise Studio, we also have the first ever Queenax® Training System in Egypt and the Middle East. Queenax is the training system that turns your space into a tool. It was originally designed to meet the problems and needs of space inside clubs. Furthermore, it was conceived to accommodate new trends of training, such as suspension training and functional training. With Queenax, the space around you becomes a tool: ceiling, floor and walls become new partners for your training program. Available in Fibers Maadi and Knockout.

CrossCore Rotational Bodyweight Training®
Following the launch and unprecedented success of our Queenax Training Program at Fibers Club, we are happy to introduce our clientele to a new revolutionary training design known as CrossCore Rotational Bodyweight Training®. This type of training is a complimentary addition to our Queenax Studio and has been a resident class on our timetable since May 2012. Available in Fibers Maadi.

Hailed as the fitness phenomenon by celebrities, top athletes and personal trainers alike, the Powerplate uses something called Advanced Vibration Technology to deliver all the benefits of a one hour resistance based gym session in only 15 minutes. Great for individuals with little time, looking for a fast an effective workout. The Powerplate is also a great aid to individuals who find traditional resistance training difficult – the elderly, the very young, and people with injuries or disabilities. Available in Fibers Maadi, main fitness area and Ladies Workout Area.



Circuit Training
Specially designed for our clients seeking one-to-one personal training or rehabilitation, our Circuit Training room offers the ideal environment to have multiple work stations available in a private area and in close proximity, and to focus on your particular training goals. Our Circuit Training room is equipped with Technogym Kinesis machines, which are designed to improve cardio, flexibility, and strength. Kinesis is a piece of resistance cable exercise equipment that allows for a wide range of movement and a huge variety of exercise patterns. The cables 360-degree range of motion makes it an extremely versatile workout that can be customised for anyone from a beginner to a professional athlete. Available in Fibers Maadi.

Anti-Gravity Yoga
We are also the only institute in Egypt with facilities for Anti-Gravity Yoga, which is an innovative and fun way to challenge both your mind and body. Appealing to Yoga and Pilates enthusiasts, circus aficionados, athletes, and rehabilitation and reconditioning patients. Anti-Gravity Yoga is a new training method that combines yoga and strength training techniques and is fantastic for spinal decompression, relaxation and mobility. Available only in Fibers Maadi.

Free Weights Area

Fibers clubs have huge free weights areas, suitable for anyone from intermediate trainers upwards – male or female. Free weights are used to achieve better muscle tone and to increase muscle size as well as stamina and endurance. Used correctly and with our expert personal trainers and fitness instructors on hand to offer help and guidance we can help change your body shape faster. When used in conjunction with a good cardiovascular programmed free weights can help you gain all round fitness along with the physique you are training for.

Our free weights areas include:

  •     Multifunctional benches.
  •    Barbells.
  •    Dumbbells.
  •    Squat racks.
  •    Bench presses - incline, flat and decline.
  •    Smith’s machines.
  •    Abs benches.
  •     Roman chairs.
  •     Pull up machines
  • Plus lots of mirrors to monitor your technique.



We have multiple pieces of the same resistance machines and free weights to avoid queuing and help you get the most from your work out.